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Autism awareness is no longer considered a rare disorder. There are estimates that thousands of children are born each year with some form of autism. It’s no longer necessary for families to feel alone. New research, including genetic studies, is ongoing and may lead to biologically based diagnostic techniques that could help tremendously. Early detection and early intervention is key to people with autism living healthy, normal lives. A great awareness lead to a greater understanding of the causes and nature of autism. Any parent who has concerns about the developmental progress of their baby should be taken seriously. No one knows their child better than the mother and father. If parents express anxiety about their child’s social and/or emotional responses, a professional should be contacted and alerted to the possibility of autism. There is an enormous amount of information available online, as well.

The United States has recognized the month of April as National Autism Awareness Month since the 1970s. This month of awareness is a chance for everyone to educate the public about autism and the issues involved within the autism community. Many autism organizations around the country celebrate the month of April with a series of awareness and fundraising programs. Check for autism awareness activities in your community. If there are none, there are lots of things you can do to help. Start a letter writing campaign about the urgency to spread autism awareness. Send it to all your friends, co-workers, children’s classmate’s parents, doctors and therapists. Ask people for their support. Attend an event. Reach out to your local chapter of the Autism Society, or if there is none - start your own local chapter. Check out the Autism Society’s web page for other ideas. They began as a grassroots effort to raise awareness of autism and empower individuals and families.


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